Ipsalu Tantra (Ipsalu = beyond desire, to the point of full completion) is an accelerated path towards mastery of sexual, emotional, physical and mental energies. It is based on the Tantric Kriya Yoga system (left handed path, vama marga), using rotation of conscious sexual forces between two partners, mixing the male and female energies in internal alchemy. Connecting your energy with your mate accelerates your progress. "Kriya" means 'action' and also 'to remove'. We take action to clear pathways for energy to move (remove mental and emotional blocks), for allowing our consciousness to expand.
Ipsalu Tantra Provides Self-Realization
Discover your true nature. Learn to stay present as a soul in the body with whatever emerges from the shadows. Examine every subconscious process; free yourself from bondage to the past. See the divine in each other, and in all around you. Realize that all beings are connected, that separation is an illusion. See how you create your own experiences.
Ipsalu Tantra Will Generate Spiritual/Sexual Ecstasy
Reconnect love and sex, be really present with your partner. Experience deeper intimacy and much more satisfying sexual experience. Know love's ecstasy through tantric sexual healing, tantric yogic techniques and positions. Heal the encultured attitude that sexual energy compromises spiritual advancement. Learn instead, to use that powerful energy to accelerate your progress.

While Maithuna (sexual union between male and female, using polarity of partners to transcend this polarity) is deeply honored as the culmination of Tantric practise (The highest congress), there are many other ways to work with and celebrate our sexual energy. The ‘Tantric Marriage’ (union of Shakti-female and Shiva-male principle, enlightenment, illumination ) happens within an individual. Sexuality is essential to spirituality and so we learn to overcome conditioning that has held them separate.
Ipsalu Tantra Is Earth & Body Centered
The frequent experience of Bliss is essential for the health of every human being. Come to understand the mysteries of the universe by studying the secrets and delights of the body. Enjoy the ecstatic Tantric arts: song and scent, dance, massage, and more… Open to profound sexual intimacy, and even more ecstatic and profound emotional and spiritual healing and intimacy. Once you learn to draw in greater amounts of life-sustaining subtle energy, once your body's energies flow freely through their channels, unobstructed by emotional residue, your body can heal itself, and can maintain health and vitality for a much longer, healthier life. Honor, empower, liberate, and celebrate both female and male energies in yourself. Bringing these energies into balance will bring physical cleansing,emotional activation and release, heightened intuitive awareness,higher consciousness, and sweet bliss. By balancing these energies, you prepare your body for Kundalini awakening.As Kundalini awakens, you will express increasingly these four qualities: Living in a state of bliss Opening to latent genius Absolute integrity Access to inner knowledge. These qualities are the normal expressions of the emerging new human.

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