Bliss Is Possible NOW
Bliss: n. 1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy. 2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy.

Awakening to bliss is not only possible, it is our birthright! Because the state of bliss is an expression of our authentic selves, it can be experienced anytime we hold our attention in the present moment of NOW. By learning to focus and still the mind, the ego dissolves, allowing Being to be felt. In this resulting moment of clarity, when one realizes that all that truly matters: beauty, love, creativity, joy, and inner peace, arise from beyond the mind, a shift in consciousness takes place. The shift from thinking about all that truly matters to being all that truly matters is experienced as Bliss.

Many claim that they, and they alone, know the one true spiritual path to Bliss. In fact, there are many paths, and, at any given point, one path may work for one, while another may be a better fit for someone else, for each has his own time and purpose. But all spiritual journeys share one common denominator: a desire to manifest for the higher good, with the predictable result of feeling connected to the Divine.
Accept Yourself As Part Of The Divine
Acceptance of self is paramount to this process. We are all much more than casual awareness allows. In truth, we all energy - loving energy that is an expression of the ultimate Divine. Unfortunately, society has taught us from birth to forget this truth, and in its place, we have constructed egos - or certain personality types - to deal with loss and wounds to the true self. The ego is fear based, the purpose of which is keep ones' self alive. However, the ego's 'defense mechanisms,' created in our early childhood, no longer serve us as adults. Instead, they manifest in many forms of neurosis or other psychological disorders. Most importantly, they end up destroying the very self they were created to protect.
Re-connect With Your Divine Self To Heal Core Issues
To begin to let go of the ego and re-connect with our true selves, we have have chosen a spiritual path that comprises the practice of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, the study of Enneagram Personality Type, and Imago Relationships Therapy. By integrating these 3 paths, we grow to know, accept, empathize with, and unconditionally love ourselves and each other. By becoming fully present in the Now, and tapping into the infinite energy source that is the ultimate manifestation of love, creativity, and life itself, we are able to begin to heal such core issues as feelings of shame, inadequacy, unworthiness, longing, and separateness. Living in this spiritual state of Bliss/Grace allows the synchronicity of life to unfold, and an abundance of joy to blossom!

We hope you enjoy our website, and that it inspires you to reflect upon yourself and your life, as well as to contemplate your own spiritual journey. In the words of our good friend and fellow Tantrika, Kingsley Guy, "The mysteries of the Cosmos are many. There are also a lot of different roads to the top of the mountain. If you find a road you believe is elevating you, then follow it. When it stops elevating you, then find another. And remember, there always will be people who will criticize you for taking anything other than the familiar path."

Thank you for visiting our website!

Be courageous, and stay true to yourself!

Brad and Cindy